Relevant Backround:

August 1993 – January 2011 Tax Administration Service (Servicio de Administracion Tributaria)

March 2007 - January 2011 Manager Planning and Programming (Major Tax Payers). Monitoring procedures are performed to obtain elements for control programs and proposals.

August 1998 – January 2007 Head of the Audit Programing Unit (Major Tax Payers), IRS, responsible for the designing and implementing audit programs

August 1993 – January 1998 Legal and Audit Manager . Managing and monitoring mechanisms for guidance and advice to taxpayers to fulfill their tax obligations and monitoring procedures to verify compliance with the tax liability of taxpayers.



Graduates: In Taxes (ITAM), Capacities Advanced Directives (UAM) and (ITESM) and legal norms and practices in the Financial Markets (IEE,SC)

Workshops: Tax systems compared, capital movements and money laundering. (CIAT) and the Spanish International Cooperation Agency. Audit of Multinational Corporations, Taxation of Nonresidents, International Tax Evasion and Avoidance (OCDE) (CMIM)

1980 – 1984, Public Accountant (ESCA), (IPN)